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 Carli Suspension

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Results for Carli Suspension

Revenue:  Doubled in 12 months, doubled again in 12 more

SEO:  33 #1 Google rankings
  43 #3 or better Google rankings
  80 top 10 Google rankings

Traffic:  Doubled in 6 months

Branding:  Is now the premier brand in their industry

Exposure:  18 months of viral media, over 584,000 touched

Media:  16 magazine write-up's with 1 cover story

Support:  Branded product instruction library created

Comm:  Company information and latest news blog

Usability:  Visual product application communication

Production:  Turn-key hosting, maintenance and programming

In This Article

The Carli Suspension, Inc Story

I met Sage Carli, the owner of the small automotive suspension manufacturer, back in May of 2007. At a glance (on the Internet), there wasn't anything that stood out about the company... that is until you hear the scoop straight from Sage. Over a brief discussion about the company, the product line and approach at what they were doing, it was clear that there was something different about this business. The first question that Sage was asked by Brad was, "How come nobody knows this, except for the people that you directly connect with, face-to-face?" It was at that point that the project started.

Carli Suspension had everything it needed, the intellectual property, superior designs and more robust components. The entire boilerplate for their processes was simple; superiority and quality. This made our work easy; however not under estimating the amount. At the time, Carli Suspension had a word-of-mouth following and a few community relationships through happy customers on discussion forums and that was about it. All the company needed was a brand, communication platform, website design, ground-up content development, search engine optimization, publicity and a little shaking of the industry's tree to achieve it's position.

This case study is nothing short of a real-life fairy tale in small business. Sage really didn't have any idea what Brad meant when he proposed a complete brand platform and communication strategy consulting engagement, nor did he understand what website optimization was and what it was going to do to his business. It was nothing short of the perfect situation for a complete leap of faith on Sage's part.

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Carli's Internet Business Consulting

It started out with a simple task list. We needed content to work with - let's face it, websites harbor information. The first generation Carli Suspension, Inc website didn't tell the whole story, it didn't speak of the value behind the product and certainly didn't touch the customer. First order of business was to change that. Organic Visibility provides white hat, best-practice Internet services that render an authentic representation of our client's business, services and products - this was right in our groove. The complication was the fact that top-tier aftermarket suspension engineers were much better at designing billet shock towers and hardened control arm joints than they were writing about it, why they do it the way they do and finally how.

Carli's Dodge Ram Suspension Content

Carli Suspension content example

Competitive content didn't exist anywhere. There was nothing to research and the only other high-end provider spoke more of his own glory racing trucks in Mexico, than the value of his product line, materials, processes and designs - so we couldn't even get a baseline for where things stood. The answer was right in front of us... Sage could tell you in one sitting everything you needed to know about Carli Suspension and the 20 or so carefully designed components that comprise his system family at the time.

Creative solutions are a hallmark of Organic Visibility's path to success, this case has to be one of our creative leaders. We had to get Sage to give us material to work with. Knowing that all information was a single question away, we hid a camera and asked it. 30 minutes later, Brad, Sage and the camera were underneath a vehicle and Sage was giving an educational performance that he didn't understand the value of, yet.

Now all that had to happen was to transpose, edit and optimize the information captured on video and establish a content base for the company. This was a much richer research and production phase than any typical client engagement and something new to both young companies. It worked. 45 minutes of Dodge Ram Suspension 101 lead to the development of the entire information base and the results that the company experienced. Results-based creativity and consulting.

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Branding Carli Suspension

When I brand a business, I start with the mission of correctly aligning the defining characteristics, value proposition and attributes that authentically represent the organization. Carli Suspension, Inc focuses on refinement, constantly updating the product line as knowledge stacks up. Forward thinking, superior material selection and deeper designs. They needed to be represented properly and be attractive at the same time. A complete ground-up brand platform was performed.

Carli Suspension Logo 1 Carli Suspension Logo 2

Every aspect of the visual project was clearly documented, design requirements were wire-framed and preference was supported with examples. My design team was left up to executing the business requirements and delivering the look and feel based on the consulting rounds.

At Organic Visibility, we are expert communicators and speak a project language that drives results. Shown below is the scope document that lead to the development of the visuals being presented.

Carli Suspension Scope document

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Advancing Carli Suspension

Carli Suspension News Article
(click to enlarge)

Sage's company was already making some pretty bold moves but their advancements simply didn't have any spotlight. One of the key initiatives in this engagement was to start writing about the business. In the form of company news items or press articles. Every magazine write-up, new product or cool thing that happened, it was documented and published.

Creating energy around a company, product line and brand needs to be done in the same mood that the business' identity was founded - these are business articles with attitude. Creating the media was brought into this picture from day one, writing about it was just something that had to happen. Being able to capture a viewer's attention and stimulate their response can be done through action and quality video content, educating a viewer on what exactly it is that they are watching, takes a different stroke.

You can read all of Carli Suspension's company news articles and follow the company from their first truck build, all the way to their latest billet aluminum masterpiece. Helping readers build a relationship with the business is important. Most of these articles are simply authentic representations of the events that took place and some are merely noting publicity as a company milestone.


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Carli Suspension Begins to Grow

Once the old website was tuned up with content that spoke to customers about the value of the products, company characteristics and success, things started to happen. Yahoo ranked the website #1 for the primary keyword and Google was soon to follow. At this point, all that was needed was a website design that was as attractive as the company's product line and one that worked as good as their systems.

                    Carli Suspension Google Search Results
Carli Suspension Google Search Results

Google indexed the newly designed website, and through the site construction, the company was awarded an impeccable SERP (search engine result page).

Now being #1 for your own company name isn't a tough job, however shown to the left is the entire SERP above the fold in a standard browser. Walking through this, the first result is the homepage with Google information links below to the strongest content items in the site and one of the most valuable product links, right there on the SERP.

Moving below that, Carli Suspension being the foremost Dodge Ram Suspension manufacturer in the world, is recognized with another result that is their primary product line landing page.

Moving down the page, there is the location via a clickable Google map, business address, phone number and, again, the homepage link.

The 4th result is a very popular thread comparing Carli Suspension to their primary competitor.

Following the information that is displayed about Carli Suspension, there is media. Videos shot, produced, published, optimized and managed by Organic Visibility. The company's website and Internet marketing was tight enough that searching on Google for the business results in an incredible amount of information on the company, right down to watching their products in action.

Search engine results such as this are at the ceiling of expectations for any project. This SERP was delivered approximately 4 months after optimizing the website.

Nobody has to try to find Carli Suspension, know where they are, see the products work or contact the company. Information availability through textbook white-hat SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Results
  • 58.4% of the website pages are ranked in the top 10 Google rankings for high quality keywords
  • 41.3% of top 10 rankings are #1 positions on Google
  • 53.8% of top 10 rankings are position #3 or higher on Google
  • 80 pages within top 10 rankings on Google
  • 33 of those pages are #1 rankings on Google
  • 43 of those pages are within the top 3 rankings on Google
  • Search users from all over the world find it

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Carli Suspension's Visibility Increases

Every time the company had something to demonstrate, it was captured, produced and made available through, among other communities. As of the 2nd quarter of 2009, over 637,000 views of the company's product videos have been made through the Internet.

These videos range from out playing in the sand, to documenting the R&D. Below are a couple examples of how the word spread on the Internet.

  • Carli Suspension Dominator 3.0 System Testing: The very first day we were introduced to what the company is all about. We brought onboard recording equipment and captured the products in action from every angle.

    - 42,000+ views

  • Carli Suspension Dodge Megacab Jump: We scouted a location for a specific shot that the company needed. 3 trips off road to locate and test a safe and appropriate venue to capture something that was an equalizer in the industry.

    - 2,500,000+ views

These examples are drivers behind the success of the project. After the Dodge Megacab jump video went live, the company's highest search traffic was their name, which indicates people were hearing about them that didn't know about Carli Suspension prior to and searching Google for more information.

            Carli Suspension Video Search Results
Carli Suspension Video Search Results

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Technical Information Supporting Carli Suspension's Position

Being the best at what you do means that you demonstrate it. Our consulting takes your expertise and generates visibility, organically. Another creative approach to demonstrating the level of expertise of our client was to really learn about what they do and start sharing the information with the world.

Carli Suspension Technical InformationThis is one of the key differentiating factors you will find with our consulting; there is no limit to the depth taken to complete a project. One of the difficulties of providing information on our bouquet of services is the fact that every project is custom, each approach is unique and the level of detail is unknown, until we're done.

The challenge here was to communicate the true value proposition of the business' intellectual property and development. R&D is constant at Carli Suspension and this is a key differentiator of the organization. Our job is to authentically represent our client, even when the information we are challenged with is beyond the scope of our expertise, a solution is always born.

Shown to the right is a technical article about tuning shocks, the most intelligent part of a suspension system. Carli's research and testing is as deep as it gets, as a matter of fact, as of June of 2009 the company engineered and machined their own piston designed for one brand of off road racing shocks. We have to keep up with our clients, and in this case our lead consultant was explained the topic, understood and learned the in's and out's of shock tuning and finally, wrote about it. The company is correctly represented through their Internet consulting as deeply as their own internal pursuit of product refinement.

These pages are supporting to the optimization campaign and was a contributing factor to the degree of success found with Google and other search engines. The information assembled is accurate, speaks of both the technical and business aspect of the subject. Included is supporting visual elements that assist with communicating a complex subject.

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Making It Easier To Do Business With Carli Suspension, Inc

Taking the key stakeholders into mind throughout the consulting engagement is critical. Who works with this business? A network of distributors and customers who trust another shop to install their products onto their vehicles. All of the Carli Suspension installation instructions can be found in their online library.

Carli Suspension Instructions

A complete product and component installation instruction library was produced. This round of content was provided by Carli Suspension and only the production, optimization and publishing was left up to us. A simple, easy-to-use and valuable resource for the company, their distributor network and customers.

Creating this component of the website was important to the project, just as the company's commitment to quality is to their customers. We ensure that the our projects are accurate and correct initiatives for our clients. In this case, Carli Suspension is overtly concerned with doing things right, which needs to be reflected in their brand and communicated through their website.

Downloadable, distributable and optimized information in file format is just one of the ways we are able to accomplish this for the company.

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Carli's Latest News and Hot Topics

Relaxing a bit from the technical nature of the content base and one of the fun factors in this project was creating the company's blog. Carli Suspension is able to communicate their culture while providing the latest updates to the information base. The latest company information, research and product updates for Ford Super Duty and Dodge Ram suspension is available through blog tools.

Dodge Ram Suspension | Ford Super Duty Suspension

Carli Suspension Blog
This turned out to be something that people wanted. Within a month of it's launch and even with a limited post count, this became the 2nd most viewed page, the 2nd highest entry page and people were talking about it on discussion forums and online communities. We would find individuals posting the link in response to a question and telling their reader that they could probably find the answer to their question there.

When the information is quality and serves a need, it just works. Organic Visibility designed, publishes and manages the blog and utilizes it as an optimization resource as well. This serves the project on three major fronts, supporting and managing the brand, website optimization and allowing us to deliver information through a less formal medium. The culture of the company is customer centric and here we can address questions that we hear about, post pictures and other media of some of the latest happenings and release product information.

Everything goes on the blog now and followers can stay current on what's going on, how things are shaping up and actually participate in the company's movement.

Dodge Ram Suspension Blog Entries

Ford Super Duty Suspension Blog Entries

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Project Overview

This project was a completely turn-key, ground up build, that initially targeted Carli Suspension's identity and brand. Creating a separate space in their niche market through communicating their differentiating characteristics and value proposition. The brand platform focused on the competitive advantage and superiority as well as the design and function of their website, This project was assembled fairly quickly through understanding Carli Suspension's model and market research. It just so happened that the target was easily acquired due to the fact that the company's focus was simple; creating a product line that was more well thought out than the rest, taking engineering to a deeper level and being more thorough from end-to-end with everything that was produced. Focusing on customer satisfaction and taking into account the scenario of an aftermarket products consumer, the hard work was already being done. All we had to do was communicate it to the world through a carefully designed and organized Internet property that is as representative of the company as their values are to their consumers.

Engagement Summary for Carli Suspension

Initial Brand Research:  12 hours

Project Requirements:  20 hours

Graphic Design:  100 hours

Initial Content Development:  150 hours

Website Planning and Design:  30 hours

Website Development:  75 hours

Initial SEO:  90 hours

Post Launch SEO:  30 hours

Post Launch Content:  75 hours

Misc Production:  19 hours

I created a structured approach to the project in order to allow it to fund itself. As milestones were achieved and revenue increased, additional efforts were scheduled. This allowed the project budget to be spread out over time with results driving the next initiative.

The design behind the functionality of this project was two-tier; first there is what the user sees and clicks on, and secondly there is what Search Engines "see" on any given page. Taking into account the relationships between the systems and individual components, the information needs to be presented with easy access to both information elements and the search engines see carefully contained and structured content of only related material.

All of this was hand-coded with strict best practice principles and SEO architecture. Every line of code was deliberate and tied into the big picture of SEO, user experience, information organization and availability.

On the first index of the newly designed website, the SEO was about 70% of what it is today. This lead to additional content concepts that performed an SEO function as well as adding user tools and resources that bettered the experience of visitors. Items such as the instruction library, Dodge Ram suspension 101 articles and the latest news blog.

The next level to this website will be multimedia and interactive. The site design and organization was created to support the future goals of the company and communication campaign lead by Brad Holland. As the company continues to grow, new targets are identified and put into the production queue awaiting the green light from the client.

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Net Effect On The Business

The only true gauge of a business project is the net effect that the engagement had on the business:

  • Revenue has been on a steady climb after doubling... twice, in less than 24 months
  • The amount of distributors and quantities of stocked inventory increased
  • Demand for the company's product has increased across the entire industry
  • The brand is recognized in the market as the superior alternative
  • Business continues to grow
Google Results

Measuring an SEO campaign is done by how well the effort was rewarded by search engines, in this case, Google:

  • 58.4% of the website pages are ranked in the top 10 Google rankings for high quality keywords
  • 41.3% of top 10 rankings are #1 positions on Google
  • 53.8% of top 10 rankings are position #3 or higher on Google
Visibility Summary

As the first calendar year anniversary of the website comes up, there are some visibility benchmarks that should be noted:

  • 137 pages indexed with Google
  • 80 pages within top 10 rankings on Google
  • 33 of those pages are #1 rankings on Google
  • 43 of those pages are within the top 3 rankings on Google
  • Search users from all over the world find it
  • ... and the users love it

All Sage Carli and Carli Suspension, Inc were missing was the most relevant Dodge Ram Suspension information resource through a voice that clearly communicate the company's identity, brand position and value proposition... in an stunning layout that was so deeply indexed in Google that people across the world see it.

They needed a website that was equally as good as their product... and one that grows with it.

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