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 Vengroff Williams & Associates

The Vengroff Williams & Associates (VWA) Business Engagement

VWA offers dedicated working capital management consulting, technical innovation and services highly-focused in Order to Cash, 3rd Party Collections, Subrogation and iFaas as a service. I was hired to provide Vengroff Williams & Associates with strategic brand consulting, information architecture, seo and the implementation of a custom content management system.

After spending an afternoon with Mark Vengroff (CEO) and Robert Sherman (President), the original project grew into a vision. VWA provides access to people and technology that processes a company's complete financial cycle, and we felt that an innovative and dedicated feel should be embodied in their brand. VWA is a business that understands the value of it's people, and our strategy puts their working capital teams front and center.

The Vengroff Williams & Associates Brand

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Vengroff Williams & Associates Identity

Every VWA client is different and every one of their client's clients are different, VWA creates solutions and innovates for their customers in the business process outsourcing arena. Our brand consulting and research brought "Business Process Innovation" into their identity.

The Vengroff Williams & Associates LogoVWA Order to Cash Logo

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VWA Website Design

Our design direction was innovative, advanced and showcases VWA's technical bench strength, and we backed it up with a custom innovation of our own. The homepage slider element drives a visitor to ROI-based service content using their industry, title and/or an F&A function as input.

The Vengroff Williams & Associates Brand

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VWA Information Consulting

Vengroff Williams & Associates has a massive document library and through our consulting, it was assembled into SEO strategy.

The Vengroff Williams & Associates Brand

The information was assembled into best-practice architecture supporting both drill-down navigation as well as dynamic targeted content delivery.

>The Vengroff Williams & Associates Brand

Our engagement included custom SEO guidelines for writing their own content.

The Vengroff Williams & Associates Brand

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Vengroff Williams & Associates received a comprehensive strategic brand program with website design, search engine optimization, information and content consulting as well as turn-key content management implementation.


Robert Sherman
Vengroff Williams & Associates, Inc
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